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Welcome to my portfolio website, where I display my projects and what I'm currently working on.

white and black laptop
white and black laptop

My Projects

One Coin

Forked and cloned the code from the Solana and Binance blockchain repository added my coins code and did a merge request. Added the coins to a liquidity pool and placed the coins up for sell on the respective pools. This was my first really world project, I added a token the you can actually buy and its full token that you can send and receive. I got to experience how to fork and clone.

· Forked and cloned, along with merging when done.

· Worked with code in a production environment.

Tracking crypto

Tracking crypto Is a project I am working on for myself cause for ever different coin I have to check in a different website or app to find how many coins I have then a lot of time for the smaller coins I thing needed to copy the number of coins and then check coin market cap and see the going rate to find out what it is worth. Tracking Crypto is a full stack application that lets you view, add, or edit coins makes api calls to get the worth of the coin.

· Used and SQL to make a program to track all the different coins that I have so it be easy to check all their balances by using the coin market cap api to get the usd value.

· Used the induvial coins api to get the balances that was in the wallets to update. This one was hard and didn’t work for all the coins because I would have to do it in each one of the coins native programing languages.

· Used html and css to make a more attractive looking interface and had a page to add new coins and balances

About Me

I am a passionate and creative individual who loves to build things. I have a wide range of skills and experience in various fields, including web development, graphic design, and project management. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

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